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AR-10 Bolt Assembly LR-308 Nickel Boron - DPMS Gen 1 Compatible.
AR10 308 Bolt Assembly

AR-10 Bolt Assembly LR-308 Nickel Boron - DPMS Gen 1 Compatible.

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AR10/ LR308 Bolt Assembly, Nickel Boron Finish.
- Replaces your factory bolt assembly and fits into your Bolt Carrier. Compatible with all AR10/LR308 DPMS Gen 1 specs but made better with superior materials and production processes. Our bolts are made with milspec Carpenter 158 steel. C-158 is a lot more expensive than other steels, but it is the required milspec steel by police and military armorers all over the world. They don't take shortcuts so neither will we. After machining, each bolt is shot peened and heat treated prior to being plated with Nickel Boron for the ultimate in slick surfaces and reliable function.

  • Minimum Tolerance, Milspec Dimensions - Proven reliable function with no primer flow nor extraction issues.
  • Made from expensive Milspec C-158 Steel - Proven and required by military and police. No compromise here.
  • Shot Peened to round out sharp edges and smooth engagement with barrel extension... No hang-ups.
  • Heat treated for superior wear resistance and smooth function. Edges slide without grabbing.
  • Nickel Boron finished for slick function and corrosion protection.

When to Replace Your Bolt Assembly: We recommend replacing the Bolt Assembly whenever you replace your barrel. An AR10 bolt head and barrel will have a certain amount of wear-in between them. So, it just makes sense to use a new bolt with a new barrel.

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