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7mm US Brass 50 - 7mm Ultimate Silhouette Brass
7 US Brass

7mm US Brass 50 - 7mm Ultimate Silhouette Brass

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Part Number:127-7US50
  The 7mm US is also known as 7mm Ultimate Silhouette. Famous for winning World Championships in IHMSA handgun metallic silhouette competition. Originally chambered in the BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol (for which it is named). 7mm US is actually the Bench Rest .219 Donaldson Wasp cartridge, necked up to 7mm. Our 7mm US Brass is made from brand new 30-30 brass... reformed and trimmed to 7mm US dimensions. This finished 7mm US brass can also be re-formed into 6.5mm US or 357 Herrett by just full length sizing in their respective sizing dies.

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