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7-30 Waters Brass (50 ct)
7-30 Waters Brass for Reloading

7-30 Waters Brass (50 ct)

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Custom Formed 7-30 Waters Brass (50)
Originally developed (by Ken Waters) as a faster and flatter shooting flat nose cartridge for Winchester lever action rifles, the 7-30 Waters has gained wider popularity among handloaders who shoot spitzer bullets in single shots.
Wildcat Headstamp: With the difficulty in obtaining new, unfired brass, we have used various brands including Winchester, Remington, PPU, and even Starline. Our 7-30 Waters brass is made from brand new, unfired brass with a full body and the shoulder in the correct position. And, our forming process leaves the web of the case un-stretched and full strength (Unlike DYI fire-formed brass)... Use this brass, and your 7-30 ammo starts off with a full strength web.
  This brass is 7-30 Waters but the headstamp reads something else.
  We also have 7-30 Waters Reloading Dies!
  Access all of our Custom Brass and Dies at our Reloading Home Page.

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