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375 Winchester Brass for Reloading (50)
375 Winchester Brass

375 Winchester Brass for Reloading (50)

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375 Winchester Brass for Reloading
  Our 375 Win brass is made from brand new, unfired 30-30 brass. The headstamp reads "30-30 Win"*. As you probably know, original 375 Winchester headstamped brass is awfully hard to come by. We have developed a proprietary brass forming process to make straight walled 375 Winchester compatible brass from original bottleneck 30-30 brass with NO FIREFORMING. Depending on availability, we have used brand new unfired 30-30 brass from several manufacturers including Remington, Winchester, PPU, and Hornady.

Frequently Asked Questions:
- Will this Brass Take Full Pressure .375 Winchester Loads? That's kind of an unfair question because no other brass maker can guarantee their brass will work for the hottest loads in all guns. That said, we have used proper loading techniques and components to load this brass in my 375 Win BF pistol to much higher performance than factory .375 Winchester ammo.
- How Long is This Brass?  Since the reforming process draws from the length of the original 30-30 bottle neck to make the straight walled 375 Win, this brass comes out slightly shorter than original 375 Winchester brass. It's not a lot shorter but it may be enough that you will need a different crimping method (if you wish to crimp). We can't give an exact length due to the variabilities of re-forming and the length being different from one 30-30 brand to the next.
- Something to Bear in Mind: We make this 375 Win Compatible brass because we can't get original 375 Win brass. Its not a perfect solution but it is better than having no brass to load for your 375 Win firearm.

Wildcat Headstamp: All of our brass is new, unfired brass. We have used various brands depending on what's available including Winchester, Remington, PPU, Hornady, and even Starline. All of it new, unfired, and originally headstamped 30-30 Win*.
- The headstamp DOES NOT READ "375 Winchester" but rather something else (like 30-30, *38-55, etc). We also have 375 Winchester Reloading Dies!

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