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30 Herrett Brass (50)
30 Herrett Brass for Reloading (50)

30 Herrett Brass (50)

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Custom Formed 30 Herrett Brass

- Originally developed by Steve Herrett of Herretts Grips, the 30 Herrett is one of the first bottleneck hunting cartridges designed specifically for the short barrels of single shot handguns. Very efficient and accurate.
- Wildcat Headstamp: With the difficulty in obtaining new, unfired brass, we have used various brands including Winchester, Remington, PPU, and even Starline. Our forming process leaves the web of the case un-stretched and full strength (Unlike DIY fire-formed brass)... Use this brass, and your 30 Herrett ammo starts off with a full strength web.
This brass is 30 Herrett but the headstamp reads something else.
Excellent Load Performance: This brass grips and seals the chamber nicely from minimum to maximum loads. We found load development to be quite easy and predictable with this brass.

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