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RWS SubSonic Hollow Point 22 LR Ammo (50 Rnds)
RWS SubSonic Hollow Point 22 LR Ammo in Boxes or Bricks

RWS SubSonic Hollow Point 22 LR Ammo (50 Rnds)

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RWS SubSonic Hollow Point 22 LR Ammunition
RWS Subsonic Hollow Point is Premium Grade sporting ammo that's suitable for hunting as well as target shooting. Subsonic velocity is 1,030 fps with a 40 gr lead hollow point bullet. This ammunition shoots with exceptional accuracy in all types of 22 LR firearms... Even cycles well in semi-autos! With RWS SubSonic Hollow Point ammo, accuracy comes from consistency... This ammo is manufactured with consistent dimensions, materials, bullet weight, powder charge,... Everything. Its a little more expensive than hardware store specials but, the consistent accuracy is worth the price!

Subsonic 22 Ammo is preferred by many small game hunters. The slower velocity is believed to put more "Whack" on small game. It's also preferred by accuracy lovers because it doesn't lose any stability as it slows down (High velocity 22 ammo is known to flutter as it passes through the sound barrier).

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